• Travel Routes are the products of Tourism, therefore, when you start your travelling from Nanning, you may choose to either have a city tour, travel around the city or go to the nearby fantastic places out of the city.
  • With the four superiorities of transport along the coast, the river, the border and the rail, Nanning owns a quite convenient transportation network, which includes.
  • ASEAN International Hotel, built in accordance with the standard of a five-star hotel, welcomes leisure, business and conference travelers to the city with incredibly convenience. It is located at 1 Yongwu Lu, Nanning.
  • The opening ceremony of “Green, and Ecological Nanning amid Flower Fragrance: 5th Nanning Flower Festival and 4th Nanning Peach Flower Festival took place in Nanning Flower World as a part of Nanning Monthly Tourist Festival in February.
  • The tour resource of Nanning is abundant. There are 13 parks and over 30 street gardens in the city. The old Nanning city...
  • You may find the useful info for travel agencies and some other aids for your smooth travel around Nanning as well as the nearby area out of the city.
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